Wednesday, May 14, 2003

hi again

I haven't used this weblog for quite some time - and indeed had just about forgotten of its existence. Then I noticed that someone had been this way in order to get to dave2002, so I thought I'd look back to see what I'd been doing.

The blogging months have been quite interesting, and I will probably keep going, though not necessarily keep all the blogs going, so some will eventually wither. What I'd like to do is to gather all the entries together - there's no reason really why there shouldn't be a "blog of blogs" - after all, one view is simply of a a large database of hypertext entries. However, compared with wikis, there are some differences. Note that searching a weblog generally does a search on each hypertext page, and depending on the search engine does not necessarily locate the relevant text in the whole structure. Searching a wiki can also give different results depending on the wiki system used, but generally wiki searches locate hypertext nodes within the overall structure, so they can be more useful.